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Rwanda and Belgium sign €95 million bilateral cooperation agreement

The Government of Rwanda and the Kingdom of Belgium signed a new bilateral cooperation agreement for the years 2024-2029, represented by Dr. Uzziel Ndagijimana, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning (MINECOFIN), and Heidy Rombouts, Director General of Development Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation respectively. The signing ceremony occurred at the MINECOFIN offices, on January 30.

The bilateral cooperation agreement, valued at EUR 95 million, focusing on key sectors such as agriculture, urbanization, health, and public finance management. 

The program aims to build on the results of the previous cooperation program and address global challenges while promoting sustainable growth. 

It has been developed through close collaboration and will be implemented jointly by MINECOFIN, technical ministries and agencies, and the Belgian development agency, Enabel.

 The program also aligns with other EU development partners’ approaches and complements another ongoing bilateral cooperation program on decent work and social protection.

  “The latest program represents a crucial stride forward, reaffirming our dedication to vital sectors such as agriculture, health, urbanization, and public finance management—a cornerstone for Rwanda’s socio-economic advancement”, Minister Ndagijimana said.

He added this agreement underscores the sustained collaboration between two nations, a partnership that has consistently delivered tangible progress across diverse sectors of our engagement.

Director Heidy Rombouts said: “With this new program Belgium and Rwanda renew their longstanding joint commitment to sustainable development. I am proud to stand here as a partner to Rwanda’s ambitious agenda on the access to healthcare, the transformation towards sustainable food systems and the development of climate-smart inclusive cities.”

The bilateral cooperation between Rwanda and Belgium has a specific focus on improving healthcare, particularly sexual and reproductive health and combating gender-based violence.

 It also aims to increase access to quality food and develop sustainable agricultural value chains in the face of urbanization. 

Additionally, the program supports the development of sustainable satellite cities to enhance living conditions and create an inclusive and climate-resilient socioeconomic and environmental ecosystem.


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