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Rwanda comments on Burundi’s decision to close borders

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The Government of Rwanda announced that it was unfortunate that the Government of Burundi decided to close the border with Rwanda.

Yesterday, January 11, news began circulating on social media that the Government of Burundi closed the border with Rwanda. Although no official statement had been released by Burundi, those who reached the border were prohibited from crossing.

In the evening, the Government of Rwanda released a statement stating that it learned of the unilateral decision by the Government of Burundi to again close its borders with Rwanda through media reports.

Rwanda’s official statement says that this decision is unacceptable because it will restrict the free movement of people and goods between the two countries and violates the principles of regional cooperation and integration of the East African Community.

News reaching Hobe Australia says that Rwandans who were already doing business in Bujumbura have been asked to close their operations and return to Rwanda.

The border between Burundi and Rwanda was last closed between 2015 and 2021.

Rwanda Regrets unilateral border closure by Burundi


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