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Rwanda earned $3.1 million in one week from exporting tea

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The National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) announced that from January 29 to February 2, Rwanda earned $3.1 million from tea exports.

NAEB announced that Rwanda sold 987 metric tons of tea abroad, earning $3.1 million. The tea was sold at a rate of $3.27 per kilo.

NAEB also reported that Rwanda exported 280 metric tons of coffee, earning $1.3 million, with an average price of $4.76 per kilo.

In addition to tea and coffee, Rwanda also generated income from the export of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Vegetables were traded in Africa, Europe, and Asia, totaling 241 tons and generating $304,038 in revenue. The selling price for one kilo of vegetables was $1.26.

Rwanda exported 13 tons of flowers, earning $120,476. The selling price for one kilo of flowers was $9.02, with the majority going to Europe.

Over the course of the week, Rwanda exported 450 tons of fruit, with most going to Africa and Asia. This generated $446,945 in revenue, with a selling price of $0.99 per kilo.

Milk and its products earned $36,412, live animals earned $149,550, meat earned $192,896, eggs earned $18,960, and fish earned $59,514 from last week’s exports.

The production of agricultural products, including potatoes, beans, and others, was also profitable last week, generating a total of $2,273,331 million in exports.


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