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Rwanda Green Fund’s Decade: $274M for Transformative Initiatives

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The Rwanda Green Fund celebrated its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of impactful initiatives with a total mobilized amount of $274 million invested in 46 transformative green projects.

Teddy Mugabo, the CEO of Rwanda Green Fund, stated, “We have been able to mobilize close to $300 million. With that, we have invested in 46 projects spanning various sectors…”

Key achievements include the establishment of Rwanda’s first e-waste management facility, which recycled 6,797 tonnes of e-waste, refurbished 11,169 computers, and created over 930 green jobs.

The fund also played a role in advancing the e-mobility industry by investing in Ampersand Ltd, a company introducing electric motorcycles in Rwanda and Kenya.

Additionally, the fund spearheads Africa’s first green city, the Green City Kigali, designed to be sustainable and inclusive.

Another notable project is the Green Gicumbi initiative, which focuses on climate resilience and livelihoods in the Gicumbi District.

In four years, the project established erosion control measures, resettled vulnerable families, rehabilitated degraded forests, and created numerous green jobs, preventing 59,000 tons of CO2 equivalent.

In total, the 46 funded projects have contributed significantly, creating over 176,000 green jobs, planting 46,000 hectares with forests, and providing clean energy access to over 88,000 households.

The Rwanda Green Fund’s decade-long commitment reflects its dedication to environmental sustainability, job creation, and community resilience, shaping a green and sustainable future for Rwanda.


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