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Rwanda has spent $1.2 billion to supply electricity over the past three years

The government of Rwanda has spent $1.2 billion, equivalent to 1.5 trillion Rwf, to supply electricity to households over the last three years as revealed by The Energy Development Corporation Limited, EDCL.

This program to distribute electricity throughout the country is one of the programs aimed at accelerating the economy of Rwandans and the country as a whole, and is part of the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1). From 2027-2024, it is planned that 100% of Rwandans will have electricity by July of 2024.

Statistics from the Ministry of Infrastructure show that 76% of households have access to electricity, while there are many plans being made in different regions to provide it to those who do not.

The General Director of EDCL, Gakuba Felix, speaking to the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, announced that according to the plans being made from the village to the District level, in the near future all people will have access to electricity.

“From 76% to 100%; The biggest job we did compared to the rest I would say is very small. Those strategies are there and the money has been found, it takes time to be able to build it and reach others who need it, but if you look at it, there is no sector that does not include electricity,” Gakuba told the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency.

The director said that there is electricity in all parts of the country, even those that do not have access to the broadband network, have solar power.

The report from Rwanda Energy Group, REG, indicates that by January 2024, 21% of households use solar energy, while 55% use electricity through the general channel.

The Acting General Director of Energy Planning in Ministry of Infrastructure, Jean Bosco Mugiraneza, said that in the future there will be an agreement signed between the Government of Rwanda and the World Bank and the Asian Investment Bank amounting to $400 million. This will help provide electricity to the rest of the population.

“We have agreed, the only thing left is for the Ministry of Finance and Planning to sign with them, and we believe that the $400 million will significantly increase that percentage.”

In the 2023/2024 budget, the distribution of electricity throughout the country is estimated at 193 billion frw, which includes a project aimed at providing electricity to people around the country with a value of 74.3 billion frw. Rwanda will cooperate with the World Bank for this project.

It also includes an electricity distribution project with a value of 25.1 billion Frw that will be implemented in collaboration with the African Development Bank, adding 18.5 billion Frw from the Electricity Access Rollout Program, EARP. The government of Rwanda’s plan to deliver electricity to the public started in 2009.

The Nyabarongo II Hydro power station construction project will also continue, which is expected to generate 43.5 megawatts and will be invested with 10.1 billion Frw this year.


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