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Rwanda spends 10 billion Rwf annually on vaccination

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The Rwanda Biomedical Center, RBC, has revealed that Rwanda spends 10 billion Rwf annually on vaccination.

The Rwanda Biomedical Center advises parents to participate in the vaccination program as it is for the protection of children and the country.

The Rwanda Biomedical Center, RBC, says that over four thousand children, which is 4%, are not vaccinated.

According to Hassan Sibomana, the Division Manager for Maternal, Child, and Community Health at the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), the cost of vaccines is expensive, so parents should participate in the free vaccination program at all health centers in the country.

“When you consider the cost of vaccines, including immunization and the purchase of vaccines, it cannot be less than ten billion annually. That’s why we encourage parents to vaccinate their children,” said Sibomana Hassan.

Every year in Rwanda, 360,000 children are born, of which over 10,000 do not participate in the vaccination program. The vaccination program in Rwanda started in 1980.


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