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Rwanda to adopt GMOs technology in bid to boost agricultural productivity

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 The Government of Rwanda announces that in the future Rwanda may start using the technology known as Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) in agriculture in order to continue to increase production and the country will be more self-sufficient in food.

Genetically Modified Organism, GMO, is a technology of ‘Biotechnology’ that uses the method of changing plant cells in order to increase production.

 This method known to increase crop production can be introduced in Rwanda according to the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock in Rwanda, Dr. Musafiri Ildefonse says that in Rwanda they are planning to use it because it is known to produce and deal with climate change and this would solve the food problem in Rwanda.

Although this method can be introduced in Rwanda, there is a debate about it because there are many who do not believe it.

Ntazinda Arsene, who is an employee at Inyange Factory, talking to RBA, said that in Nyange, they do not accept milk from cows that have been feeded about GMO plants because where they sell milk do not accept that milk .Health authorities in Rwanda have been worrying Rwandans to closely monitor this process.

 Dr. Butera Yvan, State Minister in the Ministry of Health says that if this method proves to increase productivity and does not harm the population, it will be accepted in the country.


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