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Rwanda to host center of excellence for UN peacekeeping

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Rwanda Defence Force, RDF, and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) held a meeting on establishing a Centre of Excellence for UN Peacekeeping lessons learned. The meeting was chaired by the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen MK Mubarakh.

During his remarks, Gen MK Mubarakh said that Rwanda has been in peacekeeping operations since 2004, but there has not been a platform designated for sharing lessons, yet there is a lot to share and learn from others.

“Peacekeeping theatres experience a lot of security, humanitarian and political informational challenges, misinformation or disinformation and hate speech have added another layer to these challenges that affect the protection of civilians, and even the safety and security of our peacekeepers. Beyond sharing lessons and practices and testing new concepts, the centre can serve as an additional training facility if equipped and adequate facilities are availed,” said Rwanda CDS Gen Mubarakh.

UN Peacekeeping, crucial for global peace, has transformed from traditional to multidimensional missions in response to evolving security landscapes. Peacekeepers confront diverse threats while safeguarding civilians targeted in conflicts. Adapting to current security challenges is essential for redirecting UN efforts towards effective peacekeeping.

During Rwanda Day Summit in Washington DC, Minister Dr Vincent Biruta said that prosperity cannot be achieved without peace, and that is why Rwanda has remained engaged in multilateral peacekeeping missions throughout Africa under the United Nations banner, with almost 6000 peacekeepers.


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