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Rwandan delegation held talks with Gabon’s Transitional President, Gen. Brice Nguema

On 10th January, a delegation of Rwandan business people, led by Francis Gatare, Director of the Rwanda Development Board, RDB, was received by Gen. Brice Nguema, Transitional President of Gabon.

The office of President of Gabon wrote a message on X, saying that on Wednesday, Gen. Brice Nguema, Transitional President of Gabon, received the Rwandan delegation in his office, which included some leaders in the Government of Rwanda and businessmen.

Their talks focused on promoting trade and tourism between the two countries.

“This delegation came for an exchange of experiences in different sectors and to strengthen relations in terms of investment, trade, and tourism between our two countries. This allows Gabonese investors to establish themselves in Rwanda and Rwandan companies to invest in Gabon,” the Gabon Presidency wrote on X.

Rwanda and Gabon have regular relations and trade through air transport, where the Rwandan Airline Company, RwandAir, operates flights to Libreville, Gabon’s capital.

The two countries signed a mutual agreement in 1976, which was renewed in 2010.

Last year, in October, Gen. Brice Nguema visited Rwanda, where he spoke with President Paul Kagame.

 Their discussions focused on the transition process in Gabon, security on the African continent, and in the countries that make up the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), and looked at how Rwanda and Gabon could cooperate in different sectors.

The Rwanda Private Sector, PSF, and other traders in Gabon are planning to improve cooperation to start doing business there, as a way to promote trading and create more jobs.

Rwandan Delegation led by Francis Gatare, Director of Rwanda Development Board held talks with Gen Brice Nguema, The transitional president of Gabon.


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