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Rwandan Forces Transform Bangui: How Security Shift Ignites Hope?

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The citizens of Bangui in the Central African Republic have found solace in the security provided by the Rwandan RDF forces, marking a significant shift from the prolonged insecurity that plagued the region. The Rwandan army’s dedicated efforts have not gone unnoticed, with the people of Bangui expressing gratitude for the sense of safety they now enjoy.

A motorcycle driver, sharing his perspective with ‘Igihe’, emphasized the visible presence of the RDF during critical hours. He attested, “In terms of security, I see them (RDF), sometimes around 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM, I see them on guard all over the place, so because of that, there is security.” This showcases the reassuring impact of the Rwandan forces on the community.

Furthermore, concerns about potential threats from ex-terrorists have prompted the residents to call for an expansion of the Rwandan army’s security measures across the entire country. Recognizing the effectiveness of the RDF, the citizens are hopeful that a broader deployment will deter any attempts by criminals to disrupt the newfound peace.

A money transfer service provider echoed these sentiments, stating, “At night here in the city, there is no problem. The Rwandan army is clearly working.” This endorsement from a local business representative adds weight to the consensus that the Rwandan forces have not only brought stability but have actively contributed to a secure environment, fostering a renewed sense of well-being among the people of Bangui.



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