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Rwanda’s agriculture export earned $7 million in one week

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Rwanda earned $7 million in exports in one week, according to the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB). The exports mainly consisted of cash crops such as tea, coffee, and vegetables.

From January 22-26, 2024, Rwanda exported 79 metric tons of coffee, bringing in $323,098 in revenue. The average price per kilo was $4.09.

During the same week, Rwanda exported 869 metric tons of tea, earning $2,419,221. The average price per kilo was $2.78.

Seeds exported amounted to 496 metric tons, generating $512,118 in revenue. The average price per kilo was $1.03, according to NAEB.

The export of vegetables totaled 207 metric tons and earned $393,056, with an average price per kilo of $1.90.

Flower exports reached 3 metric tons, earning $21,274. These flowers were exported to Africa, Europe, and Asia.

In total, fruits, vegetables, and flowers earned $926,448 in the last week of January 2024.

NAEB also reported revenue from other agricultural export products during the same week. Milk and milk products earned $47,223, live animals earned $118,604, and meat earned $30,388.

Eggs earned $8,112, fish earned $68,804, and other products earned $2.3 million. These products were mainly exported to the Great Lakes Region and East Africa.


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