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Rwanda’s Bright Future: Solar-Powered Internet Transforms Education

 The Government of Rwanda, through the Ministry of Technology and Innovation (MINICT) and the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC), has started a partnership with Ignite Power to distribute solar powered internet to schools in the districts. of different rural areas in the country.

Ignite Power is an international company that provides solar energy solutions to the poorest communities in sub-Saharan Africa, the latest winner of the 2023 Zayed Award.

The cooperation started between the Government of Rwanda and that institution aims to provide internet to schools located in remote rural areas where it is difficult to get electricity from a broadband network.

The Minister of Technology and Innovation, Ingabire Musoni Paula, said: “This partnership expresses our commitment to ensuring that every citizen, especially students, has equal opportunities in this world that continues to advance in modern technology.”

This program is expected to help schools in Rwanda get the latest technology equipment including LinX antennas that attract internet provided by satellite, allowing educational institutions to get high-speed internet at a low cost wherever they are located.

Although significant progress has been made in the field of education in Rwanda, the Government of Rwanda says that there are still schools in remote rural areas that do not have access to electricity and internet infrastructure, so students have difficulty accessing technology. It helps them to capitalize on the opportunities of the internet.

The partnership is expected to be a lasting solution to closing the gaps in the struggle to achieve equal education for all through the provision of basic infrastructure including internet connectivity.

Minister Ingabire continued: “We are happy to start this partnership with a leading private sector company like Ignite Power. Universal access to the internet in education is critical to achieving the goal of building a knowledge-based society.”

Ignite Power started this partnership when it had already established itself in Rwanda as a company capable of distributing energy because it has delivered it to more than a million people in different parts of the country where they have been provided with modern and sustainable radiation equipment.

The technology of LinX solution, which is going to be delivered to schools that use solar radiation at a rate of 100%, which will make it easier for them to be placed in schools without regular electricity, which is in line with the country’s plan to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the Community of the United Nations (UNSDGs).

Yariv Cohen, CEO of Ignite Power, stressed that delivering basic infrastructure to all is critical, saying: “Internet access has become a basic infrastructure and human right in today’s world. We are happy to work with the Government of Rwanda in charting a path to a future where no one is left behind, where Rwanda leads change in other African countries as well.”

Cohen continued, “Our 100% solar powered solution accelerates technology adoption and reinforces our commitment to sustainability. This program lays the foundation stone for sustainable and sustainable development in Rwanda and abroad.”


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