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Rwanda’s Diaspora in Australia played basketball friendly match

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This Saturday, Rwanda’s diaspora from Victoria State in Melbourne city played basketball friendly match against Rwanda’s diaspora living in Queensland, Brisbane city at gymnasium located at Redbank QLD, Queensland.

The match ends in the victory of Rwanda’s diaspora from Melbourne over Rwanda’s diaspora from Brisbane 55-38. The players from both sides were from 9-year-old to over 30-year-old.

After the match, two sides together enjoyed the meal and drinks as well as discussions especially regarding their country origin Rwanda.

Captain of Queensland, Brisbane, MUGISHA Olivier and captain of Victoria, Melbourne, Jean Paul both in their speeches said how was the match, expressed their feelings for the match played and wished that this could be re-enforced and reach the other states of Australia in order to create unity. Not only basketball should be played but also volleyball, football and other different games.

This is done with the purposes of encouraging young people to quit drugs, to have patriotism, to re-mind them to visit their country (Rwanda) and making others be patriotic all through sports as the convenient way.

The next, chairman of Rwandan community abroad in Victoria TUNGA Patrick together with captain MUGISHA Olivier visited 4EB FM where they talked about the importances of the games played like this and what can help in creating good society.

Chairman of Rwandan community abroad in Queensland, MURINDANGABO Renatus reminds the parents to encourage their children to attend games, do sports, develop talents, be patriotic and visit their country, if possible; do investments to their country Rwanda.

“The country needs you. You don’t have to play here (Australia) only, you may also support the teams in Rwanda may be in volleyball, football or basketball…,” Mr Murindangabo said.

Chairman of Rwandan Community abroad in Queensland, MURINDANGABO Renatus

Chairman of Rwandan community abroad in Victoria, TUNGA Patrick in 4EB F.M Radio Studio

Melbourne (Black) 55-38 Brisbane (Blue)


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