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Rwanda’s income per person increased by 3.38% in one year

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The Rwanda National Institute of Statistics (NISR) revealed that the income for one Rwandan increased from $1005 in 2022 to $1040 in 2023, which is equal to an increase of 3.38% in one year.

Reports from NISR indicate that based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP), in 2022 income per capita for Rwandans was 1.2 million Frw and became 1.3 million Frw in 2023.

This is evidence that shows Rwanda’s economy continues to grow. In 2000, the income per capita was $268, in 2010 it reached $615, and in 2015 it reached $759, while in 2020 the income of a Rwandan reached $803.

Overall, Rwanda’s GDP increased by an average of 8.2%, reaching 16,355 billion Frw from 13,720 billion Frw in 2022.

Rwanda aims to become a Lower-Middle-Income country in 2035, where a citizen can earn $4,000 per year. It will have improved by 2050 and become Upper-Middle-Income so that a Rwandan will earn about $12,470.


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