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South Sudan: Rwandan peacekeepers decorated with UN medals

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Rwandan Peacekeepers (Rwanbatt-2) serving under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) were decorated with UN peacekeeping medals in recognition of their professional service in fostering peace and stability in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state.

The ceremony took place at Malakal Town in the Rwanbatt-2 base camp on 6th March 2024.

The Rwanda Ministry of Defence stated that the UNMISS Force Commander, Lt Gen Mohan Subramanian, presided over the medal award ceremony, commending the Rwanbatt-2 peacekeepers for their outstanding work and excellent services in Upper Nile State. He emphasized that Rwanda’s contribution to UNMISS is quite significant and commendable.

Brig Gen Emmanuel RUGAZORA, the Rwandan Senior Representative and Sector Commander of Sector Unity expressed appreciation for the Rwandan Contingent’s commendable performance in fulfilling the UNMISS mandate as stated by the Rwanda Defence Force in the statement.

During the ceremony, Lt Col Andrew MUHIZI, the Rwanbatt-2 Commanding Officer, conveyed gratitude for the strong collaboration between his force, the Government of South Sudan, the leadership of UNMISS, and other friendly forces.

He underscored the significance of the medal decoration, describing it as an invaluable privilege and motivational factor in a military career. Lt Col MUHIZI emphasized that the medals inspire the troops to uphold their commitment and successfully fulfill their duties.


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