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Sydney: First airport will operate with digital air traffic control tower in Australia

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New international airport in Western Sydney will operate without a traditional air traffic control tower with the record to do is in Australia.

Digital expert at Air Services Australia, Nicole Lewis told 9News that with traditional control tower, you look out the window to view the aerodrome while in a digital tower there are cameras on mast that reproduce the image onto a screen.

In this new method to be used there will be cameras that have infrared technology which allows them to have visibility in low light, bad weather and are able to detect items on the runway.

“We’ll have the speed of the aircraft, the altitude of the aircraft; the callsign of the aircraft.” Mr Lewis said.

The changing of century-old system has risen the worries about the safety of the new method to be used.

“Absolutely it’s safe, at the heart of everything we do with air services it’s safety first. There’ll never be a situation where we’ll effectively lose an aircraft.” Lewis said.


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