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Rwanda Community Abroad (RCA) in Australia celebrated international women’s day

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On March 17, 2024, Rwanda Community Abroad in Australia met at 124 Runcorn Tavern in Queensland from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM to celebrate international women’s day.

Chairman of RCA in Queensland MURINDANGABO Renatus with representative of women in RCA in Queensland Emerthe ZANEZA, Mental health advisor Madam Jeanne, Mental health tasks force in Queensland Christian NDUWIMANA and Hartman Yolanda were among the attendees and shared the experience about women.

The conversations in general were about the challenges and trauma faced by women in their homes, shedding light on important issues and potential solutions. Ideas for creating a cooperative focused on providing culturally sensitive disability and aged care services within the community.

By the end of the event, cake were cut, guests enjoyed the delicious dinner and participates in the opening dance.

International women’s day is celebrated annually on March 8, 2024, this day was first celebrated in 1909 in United States of America.

The Chairman of RCA QUEENSLAND who was the Guest of Honour 

Emerthe Zaneza Leader of Woman in RCA QUEENSLAND

Christian nduwimana mental health tasks force Queensland

 Madeleine Nyagasaza  was the lady who got the biggest award among all.


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