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Umushyikirano 2024 returns

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Rwanda’s 19th National Dialogue, Umushyikirano, is expected to kick off on January 23-24 in Kigali. The two-day forum is an annual national discussion held in person. Last year’s Umushyikirano was held after suspension due to the COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings.

The event chaired by President Paul Kagame brings together citizens, local government officials, Cabinet and parliament representatives, private sector leaders, and members of the religious and diplomatic communities.

The annual dialogue, held since 2003, provides a platform for stakeholders to discuss the most pressing issues facing the country.

This year’s dialogue is expected to discuss development and unity. It is also expected to assess how successful last year’s resolution has been. The 2023 dialogue resolved many important topics such as: 

The dialogue vied to put in place measures to curb inflation. The government committed to continue to implement measures to curb inflation. 

The discussion also resolved to increase diaspora contribution to national development. Supporting the Rwandan Community Abroad in scaling up their contribution to national development is among the resolutions. Rwanda’s diaspora is often termed the country’s sixth province with a critical role in the country’s development.

Solving inconsistent internet connectivity issues. Last year’s Umushyikirano promised to urgently solve the issues of inconsistent internet connectivity and affordability,” says the fourth resolution. 

Rwanda made the biggest leap in fixed broadband speeds, with the result that its position in the global rankings rose by 47 places, according to Speedtest Global Index by Ookla, a global network intelligence and connectivity research firm.

Improving services at RDB One Stop Centre was among the resolutions as well. Umushyikirano recommended the improvement and integration of other required services at RDB One Stop Centre, including services needed by exporters.

The Government of Rwanda has expanded the One Stop Centre at the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) to improve service delivery to clients and provide investors with a true one-stop experience.

People unable to attend in person are also able to participate using telephone calls, social media, and SMS, as well as follow the debate live on television and radio.

The dialogue will take place as the country prepares to hold the 30th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. It also comes at a time when the seven-year [2017 to 2024] National Strategy for Transformation (NST1) is drawing to an end.


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