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University of Arkansas Cuts Tuition Fees for Rwandans

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The University of Arkansas in the United States of America has implemented a way to assist students from Rwanda in finding opportunities to study at reduced tuition rates compared to the standard university fees.

Depending on the level of each course, students from Rwanda are eligible for a tuition fee discount of up to 90%, but no less than 70%.

This allows students from Rwanda to pay significantly lower fees, making an international education more accessible.

“The University of Arkansas is pleased to offer a tuition advantage to all eligible undergraduate students from Rwanda,” stated by the University of Arkansas.

The University of Arkansas specified that students who qualify for this advantage must be citizens and permanent residents of Rwanda, incoming freshmen or transfer students, meet all admissions criteria, and be accepted as degree-seeking students.

To maintain this advantage, students must be enrolled in 12.0 credit hours per semester, maintain a 2.0 grade point average, and successfully complete 24.0 credit hours each academic year.

University of Arkansas Cuts Tuition Fees for Rwandans compared to the standard university fees ( photo by internet)


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