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Rwanda and US committed to strengthen cooperation between countries

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The Ambassador of the United States of America in Rwanda, Eric Kneedler and the President of the Rwandan Senate Dr. Kalinda François Xavier are commited to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries.

They emphasize on this in a meeting held yesterday, January 18, when US Ambassador to Rwanda Eric Kneedler visited Dr Kalinda François Xavier, President of the Senate with Vice President Nyirasafari Esperance and Mukabaramba Alvera.

These officials commended bilateral relations between Rwanda and the United States and committed to strengthening cooperation between Rwanda and the US Senate.

The President of the Rwandan Senate told the media that the talks he had with Ambassador Eric Kneedler focused on the normal relations between the two countries, in terms of economy, security and others.

“We talked mainly about our existing relations with the United States of America. We talked about a lot of things related to that cooperation, whether it’s economic, tourism, health, security, Dr Kalinda said.

Dr Kalinda added that the United States also contributes to restoring peace in the region where Rwanda is located.

The cooperation between the United States and Rwanda has been going on for 60 years where they have signed various agreements in terms of cooperation in trade, tourism, education, health, security and politics.


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