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USA: Rwandan community and friends convened for the 22nd annual Rwanda prayer banquet

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The Rwandan Community and their friends in the United States of America, USA, convened in Washington D.C. on 27 January for the 22nd annual Rwanda Prayer Banquet-USA. The event, aimed at praying for Rwanda and leaders also to celebrate the achieved milestones of Rwanda in 30 years like unity, Reconciliation , peace, dignity and development after the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi.

In this ceremony the main speakers were Ambassador Mathilde Mukantabana, Moses Ndahiro from Rwanda Leaders Fellowship, Rev. Dr. Anthony Turkson of World Missions Ministries and Serge Gasore, who shared his testimony, underscored the peace, serenity and visionary leadership that God has bestowed upon Rwanda over the past 30 years.

Mrs. Antoinette Kanyabutembo, founder of the Rwanda Prayer Banquet-USA, thanked all attendees for their unwavering support, presence, and generous contributions. She highlighted that Rwanda has made a turn around in the past 30 years thanks to good leadership led by God.

Dr. Rev. Anthony Turkson, founder of World Missions Ministries, commended Rwanda ‘s achievements over the past 30 years, highlighting its emergence as a model nation globally. He remarked, “The genocide could have continued… We don’t have to take these things for granted.”

Serge Gasore, only 8 at the time of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, reflected on his journey during and after the Genocide and his commitment to peace building.

 “What happened to me when I was a little boy, I don’t want it to happen to my children”, Serge Gasore said.

He highlighted his contribution in community rebuilding and restoring hope in his Genocide-impacted hometown in Bugesera District, Ntarama, including building of schools and health facilities.

in Her remarks Amb. Mathilde Mukantabana stated that Rwanda ‘s remarkable turnaround following the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi can be attributed to the effective leadership: “It’s not because we’re a big country or a wealthy country but the light, the soul that’s in our country; our exceptional leader.”

She also invited everyone to the upcoming Rwanda Day, an opportunity to meet fellow Rwandans and senior government officials to celebrate achievements and discuss the development of their Motherland.

This 22nd annual Rwanda Prayer Banquet-USA provided a platform for meet and greets, along with dedicated sessions for praise, worship, and the Rwanda cultural performances, Guhamiriza.

This 22nd annual Rwanda Prayer Banquet-USA provided a platform for meet and greets, and the Rwanda cultural performances.

Amb. Mathilde Mukantabana invited everyone to the upcoming Rwanda Day 2024 in February


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