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VICTORIA: Thousand homes left without power after storm

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In Australian state of Victoria, more than 200,000 customers were left without power after a storm which knocked out parts of the network.

The state’s energy Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio has warned that this power blackout could last for weeks and was one of the largest in Victoria’s history.

“At the peak, 529,000 were without power due to physical damage to power lines caused by extreme weather.” She said in a post on X.


The lack of power happened after a number of transmission towers collapsed in the storm forcing a power station to shut down.

The transport to Melbourne was also disrupted with half of the city’s train lines being suspended. Due to multiple reports of storm damage, Public Transport Victoria (PTV) had been forced to shut many lines down.

Also, after the wild weather schools were forced to shut down, around 15 hospitals lost power overnight, with five of hospitals still being powered by generators.

Premier Jacinta Allan confirmed that there will be support for those families and the broader community as well as they move through into that recovery phase.

“But we’re not at that recovery phase yet.” She added.


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