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We are 100% sure that we shall end malaria by 2030 – Dr. Ngamije

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Dr. Ngamije Daniel, the Director of the Global Malaria Programme (GMP), emphasized that by putting efforts together, malaria shall end in 2030.

This was discussed in The 8th Multilateral Initiative on Malaria conference, which took place in Kigali on March 25, 2024, with a strong commitment to end malaria by 2030. The conference coincided with World Malaria Day 2024.

This significant event gathered global experts, scientists, and policymakers who shed light on the importance of innovative approaches and investments in combating malaria in Africa.

Zachee Iyakaremye, the Permanent Secretary in Rwanda’s Ministry of Health, emphasized the need for effort and equity in the fight against malaria.

“Health equity requires that we address the social determinants of malaria by ensuring that access to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment services is available to all, regardless of economic status or geographic location,” the Permanent Secretary said.

The WHO World Malaria Report 2023 recognizes Rwanda as one of the five African countries making commendable progress towards meeting the Global Technical Strategy (GTS) target for 2025.

According to the Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) Malaria Annual Report 2022/23, the annual malaria incidence has dropped from 409 cases per 1000 people in 2016/17 to just 47 cases per 1000 in 2022/23.

During the same period, malaria cases decreased from nearly 5 million to only 600,000 cases.

Additionally, malaria-related deaths have seen a significant decline of over 89%.

The 8th Multilateral Initiative on Malaria conference gathered global experts, scientists and policymakers.
Dr. Ngamije Daniel, the Director of the Global Malaria Programme (GMP).


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