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We will always do what is necessary to ensure that Rwandans are safe and secure _ President Kagame

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The President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, in his end-of-year message to Rwandans, stated that they will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety and security of Rwandans.

It was in message broadcasted on Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, RBA, at 8:00 pm on Sunday, December 31.

President Paul Kagame began his speech by wishing Rwandans a good evening and expressed his family’s wishes for a happy and prosperous new year to all Rwandans and friends of Rwanda.

“Rwandans and Friends of Rwanda, good evening. My family and I send our best wishes to all Rwandans and friends of Rwanda for a happy and prosperous new year,” President Kagame said.

President Kagame mentioned that the previous year was fruitful for Rwandans due to the hosting of various conferences and events such as the Basketball Africa League, Women Deliver, Giants of Africa, and the Global Citizens Concert, which created jobs for Rwandans and developed the country.

Regarding security, President Kagame expressed concern about insecurity in the region and at the border, as well as criticism of Rwanda, although most of it are unjustified.

President Paul Kagame emphasized that they will undertake all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of Rwandans.

” We are also dealing with insecurity in our region, and on our border. I want you to know that we can absorb any amount of criticism, however unjustified. We will always do what is necessary, to ensure that Rwandans are safe and secure, no matter what,” President Kagame stated.

He added, “Within our means, Rwanda will continue to support our brothers and sisters across Africa in restoring peace and security.”

President Kagame concluded his speech by stating that the year 2024 will be a prosperous year for Rwandans, supported by the dynamism and confidence exhibited by the younger generation.

” The most reassuring signal is the increasing confidence and dynamism we see in the young generation. The next year is an important year for our country and we expect to hear the voices of our young people, as we chart our future course, President Paul Kagame.

“Once again, I extend my best wishes to you and your families for 2024 and hope you continue to have a delightful festive season,” President Kagame concludes.


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