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Weather Agency predicts a reduction in rainfall

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The Rwanda Meteorology Agency announced on Friday that there will be a reduction in rainfall during the second dekad of May 2024. The amount of rainfall is expected to range between 20 and 80 mm across the country, a significant reduction compared to previous dekads.

“The main factors influencing rainfall in this dekad are the northward migration of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and local factors,” the agency revealed.

Rainfall ranging between 70 and 80 mm is expected over many parts of Rutsiro, Rubavu, Musanze, and Nyabihu, as well as northern parts of Karongi and Burera, western parts of Ngororero, and isolated parts of Nyamasheke District.

Rainfall ranging between 60 and 70 mm is forecasted in remaining parts of the Western Province (except western parts of Rusizi District), Burera and Musanze Districts, and northern parts of Gakenke and western parts of Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru Districts.

The lowest amount of rainfall, ranging between 20 and 30 mm, is expected in many parts of Nyagatare, Gatsibo, and Kirehe District, as well as localized parts of Kayonza, Bugesera, Ngoma, and Rwamagana Districts. The remaining parts of the country are expected to experience rainfall ranging between 30 and 60 mm.

Forecast of wind speed

Moderate to slightly strong wind speeds, ranging between 4 and 8 m/s, are expected across the country.

Moderate wind speeds ranging between 4 and 6 m/s are expected in many parts of the country except for localized areas in Nyagatare, Gatsibo, Nyabihu, Rubavu, Rutsiro, Karongi, Nyamagabe, and Rusizi Districts where moderate to slightly strong wind speeds ranging between 6 and 8 m/s are predicted.

Temperature forecast

The Rwanda Meteorology Agency predicts that during the second dekad of May 2024, the average maximum temperature is expected to range between 18°C and 28°C, which falls within the range of LTM maximum temperature of 2nd dekad May.

Parts of Kigali City, Bugesera District, Amayaga region, and Bugarama Valley are expected to experience higher maximum temperatures ranging between 26°C and 28°C, while many parts of Nyabihu District, eastern parts of Rubavu, northern parts of Musanze and Burera Districts are expected to experience lower maximum temperatures ranging between 18°C and 20°C.

Expected impacts

Light to moderate impacts associated with accumulated rain are likely to occur in northwestern parts of the country on rainy days mentioned above. Likely impacts include flooding, poor visibility during rainstorms, soil erosion, and landslides in areas with high slopes.

Mitigation measures should continue to be implemented by relevant authorities and the public as advised by the Rwanda Meteorology Agency.


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