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What Rwandans benefit from Umushyikirano and Rwanda Day?

From tomorrow, Tuesday the 23rd to the 24th, Rwandans living all over the country and outside will meet in the National Dialogue ‘Umushyikirano 19’ to examine and discuss the future of the country. 

Next month, on February 3-4, Rwandans living outside the country will meet in Rwanda Day in Washington DC, United States of America.

The spokesperson of the Government of Rwanda, Alain Mukuralinda, speaking to Flash Radio, said that Umushyikirano National Dialogue is a good forum for Rwandans to discuss the development of their country because some of the achievements were made from the discussions in previous meetings.

“Some of the things that Rwanda has achieved are the result of discussions in previous meetings, such as new buses in the city of Kigali, sanitation, etc.,” Deputy Spokesperson of the Rwanda Government, Alain Mukuralinda, told Flash Radio.

At the Rwanda Day meeting that connects Rwandans living abroad with the President, Alain Mukuralinda said that decisions and resolutions from Rwanda Day are noted, valued, and will be implemented in the country, including the doctors who came to Rwanda because of Rwanda Day.

Alain Mukuralinda asked Rwandans to pursue dialogue where possible, including sending their questions, because these questions will be read and answered.

Some of the main topics that will be discussed in Umushyikirano 2024 include the economy, the decisions taken in the recent meeting, and the youth, which will be discussed extensively on the last day.

Umushyikirano National Council was designed by the Rwandan constitution and brings together participants, including leaders at the central and local government levels, representatives of the Rwandan community abroad, civil society organizations, media, and the diplomatic community, to discuss the state of the nation, review the country’s progress, and shape the future.


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