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6 most expensive buildings in Australia

When you talk about expensive buildings in Australia, many people would think Sydney’s Opera House but surprisingly it’s not even in top 10.

6. Sydney Opera House

Opera House was built in 1973 at a cost of $102m, as the years have come the new built buildings surpasses the price and even more.

Here are top 5 expensive buildings in Australia according Yahoo Finance in 2021. 

5. Olderfleet, Melbourne

This is a commercial tower with 40 floors, 165m of height. It was built in 2020 at the cost of $542 million.

4. ANZ Bank Centre, Sydney

This is the commercial house in Sydney but with ANZ Bank signing up for naming rights and a large amount of floor space. It has 46 floors with 195m of height. It was completed in 2013 at cost of $800 million.

3. Myer Centre, Adelaide

This is the largest shopping centre in Rundle Mall with 18 floors and height of 75m. It was completed in 1991 at cost of $1 billion. 

2. Chifley Tower, Sydney

This skyscraper with 50 floors and height of 241m, it is named after former Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley. It is primarily used for commercial purposes. Chifley Tower was completed in 1992 at cost of $1.2 billion.

1. Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide

This is a hospital and only one the best in all of Australia. This hospital is owned by the state government as part of Australia’s public health care system and provides a comprehensive range of the most complex clinical care. It has 11 floors with 41m of height. It was completed in 2016 at cost of $2.44 billion which made it the most expensive building in Australia.


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