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CAF Awards 2023 & Ghetto Kids Performers’s Beam Of Their Dreams

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In a world where dreams often seem distant, the Ghetto Kids have shattered barriers, turning their humble beginnings into a global spectacle. From the streets of Kampala to sharing stages with legends, their journey is a testament to resilience and passion.

Dancing their way from Uganda to the FIFA World Cup and the prestigious CAF Awards 2023, these young performers embody exuberance and versatility. Masters of various music genres, they captivate audiences with a unique blend of South American beats, AfroBeats, pop, and house music. Their brilliance knows no bounds.

Manager Dauda Kavuma, their guiding force, reflects on their extraordinary ride. “I love football. I wanted to be a professional footballer, but when things did not work out, I realized that I could use music, dance, and drama to achieve big dreams.”

For 14-year-old Akram Muyanja, meeting Senegalese icon El Hadji Diouf is a dream realized. “I am a big Liverpool fan, so to see Diouf in person means a lot. Tata (Kavuma) knows him and has told me a lot about him. Wow! I will always remember this moment.”

As they prepare to grace the stage at the CAF Awards, these Ghetto Kids carry the weight of a powerful lesson — that dreams, no matter where you start, can lead to unimaginable heights. Their story asks us: What dreams are we nurturing, and how far are we willing to go to turn them into reality? The Ghetto Kids have shown us that the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.


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