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Commemoration week to end honouring Politicians

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Commemoration week of the Genocide against the Tutsi 1994 for the 30th time will end on Saturday, April 13 on National level, Ministry of National Unity and Civic Engagement – MINUBUMWE said in the statement.

In the statement, MINUBUMWE said commemoration week will be ended paying tribute for Politicians who fought against the Genocide on National level. 

The event will take place on Rebero Genocide Memorial which is home to more than 14,400 victims who were killed in various parts of Kigali including 12 Politicians. 

The politicians laid to rest at Rebero memorial site, who were killed because they rejected discrimination and plan of exterminating the Tutsi and instead fought for the unity of Rwandans are the following: Landouard NDASINGWA, Charles KAYIRANGA, Jean de la Croix RUTAREMARA, Augustin RWAYITARE, Aloys NIYOYITA, Vénantie KABAGENI, André KAMEYA, Frédéric NZARURAMBAHO, Félicien NGANGO, Jean-Pierre MUSHIMIYIMANA, Faustin RUCOGOZA and Joseph KAVARUGANDA. 

No other event of commemoration on district level will take after this, hence, commemoration activities will continue for 100 days until June 19, 2024.


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