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FERWAFA Reveals Its Annual Budget

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The Rwanda Football Federation, FERWAFA, has announced that its budget for the year 2024 will be about 10 billion Frw, which will be used for various activities related to Rwandan football.

On January 13, 2023, a Rwanda FA Extraordinary Assembly was held at the Kigali Serena Hotel to discuss three important topics, including the presentation of the budget to members this year.

The Rwanda Football Federation plans to spend a budget of 9,932,725,243 Frw. The money will come from different sources, including the Ministry of Sports, the activities of FERWAFA, the revenue generated by the International Football Federation (FIFA), the revenue from the Confederation of African Football (CAF), and Paris Saint Germain through the payment of staff working in its Football Academies in Rwanda. Other funds will be provided by FERWAFA’s partners, including BRALIRWA and the Rwanda Premier League.

Breakdown of the sources of money: The Ministry of Sports will provide 46%, FIFA will generate 43%, the Rwanda Premier League will provide 20%, and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) will provide 3.7%.

BRALIRWA will provide 140 million Frws, FERWAFA activities will result in 119 million Frws, and funds from other FERWAFA partners will amount to 4.02%. Paris Saint Germain will contribute 0.68%.

Breakdown of expenses:

• FERWAFA will use 45% of the budget for its operations.

• One billion will be used to build different stadiums.

• One billion will be used for the purchase of missing equipment in the FERWAFA Hotel.

• Paying Bayern Munich coaches will cost 393M Frws.

• Paying FERWAFA employees will cost 240 million Frws.

• The competition organized by “FERWAFA” will cost 240M Frws.

• Referee compensation will cost 13%.

• National team games in tournaments like CECAFA, CHAN, and CAN 2025 will cost 750 million Frws.

• Recruiting players from different teams to help Amavubi National team will cost 160 million Frws.

The President of Rwanda Football Federation, Mr Munyantwali Alphonse

Mr Kalisa Adolphe Camarade, General Secretary of Rwanda Football Federation


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