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Football player sacked due to indiscipline cases

Tarryn Thomas, 23, has been suspended for 18 matches after being found guilty of “several breaches” of the AFL’s code of conduct.

After receiving this suspension from AFL, Thomas won’t be part of Kangaroo’s 2024 season and will not be allowed to play football at any level during the period of his ban, which ends on July 22.

“The AFL wishes to advise that North Melbourne player has been found guilty of several breaches of the AFL rule conduct unbecoming,” an AFL statement read.

AFL shows that he has engaged in multiple acts of misconduct including threatening a woman via direct messages multiple times. For the evidence, AFL shows that Thom has been engaged in the similar behaviours in 2023 while undertake education. 

North Melbourne said it endorsed the AFL’s sanctions and has informed Thomas he will no longer be a Kangaroos player.

“The club has provided Tarryn with significant time, resources and support but we’ve now arrived at a point where the individual’s needs don’t match those of the club,” North Melbourne chief executive Jennifer Watt said via a statement.

“This decision doesn’t come lightly or easily. We brought Tarryn to the club as a teenager and we acknowledge that he has faced complex and challenging circumstances over his life.”

Thomas has played 69 games for the Kangaroos since being drafted with the eighth pick of the 2018 national draft.

The club added that although Thomas was no longer a North Melbourne player, medical and mental health support would continue to made available to him.

This is not the first time Thomas found guilty of breaching code of conduct.

In February last year, the midfielder was suspended after found that he threatened and harassed a number of women.

Another time he was stopped by police when driving with a suspended licence during the Kangaroos’ Christmas break.


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