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Kwibuka30: Rwandan Community, friends gather at Capitol Hill

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Yesterday in the United States of America, Washington DC, the Rwandan community, members of the diplomatic corps, Congress, academia, and friends of Rwanda gathered at Capitol Hill to honor the lives of the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

In his remarks, Jason Nshimye, President of Ibuka USA, expressed gratitude to the Government of Rwanda for putting together numerous programs to support survivors after the Genocide.

“These programs have notably provided crucial healthcare services addressing both physical injuries and emotional needs,” Nshimiye said.

Jason Nshimye added that many didn’t believe survivors and perpetrators could ever coexist peacefully.

“Today they live in the same villages, working hand in hand to help each other. It’s a testament to genuine forgiveness and a shared belief in the power of unity and reconciliation”.

In his remarks, Congressman Jonathan Jackson commended President Kagame’s leadership, which has transformed Rwanda into a model nation.

“I commend President Paul Kagame for his leadership in guiding the country to heal, reconcile and unite. His courage, dedication and ability to move the country from the Genocide to become one of the fastest growing countries in the world must be commended,” Congressman Jonathan said.

He added that Rwanda continues to be a beacon for many African countries and across the world.

Rwanda’s Minister of Justice, Dr. Emmanuel Ugirashebuja, shared insights into how remembering and honoring the victims of the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi serves as a crucial step in preventing future genocides.

“It’s our solid duty to remember the victims, to honor their resilience, and to ensure that their stories are kept in our collective consciousness. By doing so, we not only pay tribute to those who suffered but also lay the ground for preventing such atrocities from happening again.” Minister Dr. Ugirashebuja said.

Corina Sanders, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs at the State Department, highlighted as they join in remembering the victims and reaffirm their support for the people of Rwanda in the continued efforts for unity and renewal, they oppose any attempt to misrepresent the historical record for political purposes. 

They strongly oppose any denial or minimization of the Genocide that targeted Tutsi.

Ambassador of Rwanda to USA, Mathilde Mukantabana, extended appreciation to those who attended Kwibuka30 at Capitol Hill, emphasizing the crucial need for collaboration to end genocide and its denial.


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