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Leandre Onana farewells message to Rayon Sports fans and Rwandans

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Leandre Willy Essomba Onana, a Cameroonian who was recently bought by Simba SC from Tanzania from Rayon Sports, wrote a message to Rayon and Rwandans in general thanking them for the time they spent in Rwanda for two years.

 Leandre Onana, who arrived in Rwanda in 2021, came on trial at the Rayon Sports team and won and signed a 2-year contract with Rayon Sports.

 Onana who has been one of the best players in the last two years is confirmed by his move to Simba SC, after having a good game year in 2022-2023, as he scored 16 goals in the league and 5 goals in the Peace Cup. 

 Onana went to his Instagram page and wrote a long message congratulating all the people he lived with in Rwanda, the players, Rayon Sports officials, fans and the manager Karenzi Alex.

 Onana said that he considers Rwanda as his second home because of the good times he had there, and ended his message by asking for forgiveness from the people he has wronged as a person. 

Onana Farewells message:

“Dear Rwandan football, fraternity ,it’s very had for me to say the following words,that includes good bye to place/ a country I regards as my second home,I have lived better life in Rwanda,Made friends,made new brothers and sisters. I thank you all and I Will keep you in my mind always. 

To my Club Rayon Sports Gikundiro I can’t get enough word to thank you very much with my heart,for trusting in me for giving me a chance to show my talent to the world . On this note I thank the Rayon Sports committe headed by President Jean Fideli to coaching staff that warked on me every single day to make a better player I thank you. My team mate I love you all and thank you. 

To my manager Alex thank you so much for trusting me bleaving in me pushing me always to be better player for not only being a manager but also big brother and father. 

Special thanks to Rayon Sports fans ,you are the best ever and I will always be part of you. You have special place in my heart ,we are Gikundiro.

Lastly like any other human being I may have offended any one during the time I spent there due to work all any thing else , please accept my apologise. I wish all the Best”.

In his two years Onana confirmed as most talented player.


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