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Rayon Sports Association remembers victims of Genocide against Tutsi 1994

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Rayon Sports Association have remembered the victims killed in Genocide against Tutsi 1994 in Rwanda especially who were the members of the association including, players, fans and coaches.

This happened yesterday on April 9 during the week of commemoration.

It started with ‘walk to remember’ at 2:00pm from New Life Christian Church to Nyanza memorial site.

Both teams of Rayon Sports – men and women, President of Rayon Sports, UWAYEZU Jean Fidele, fans from different fan clubs, staff and other people were involved in the activity.

President of Rayon Sports, UWAYEZU Jean Fidele said they should remember to pay tribute for the victims.

Victims remembererd who were Rayon Sports members include; players like MUREKEZI Raphael (Fatikaramu), MUNYURANGABO Rongin, Bosco (Son of Ruterana), Kirangi, KAYOMBYA Charles, and MUGEMANA kibambasi, according to Ruhago yacu.

They’re also fans including, Ntagugura, Kayiranga Eugene, Munyabitare Bernard, Ntirugiribambe Samuel, Mutaganda Fidele, Rulinda, and Enoki.

Rayon Sports is the football team inaugurated in 1968 at Nyanza, South Province.

No official census has made but many says it is the one with more fans in Rwanda.


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