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RCA in Australia commemorates Genocide against Tutsi 1994

Rwanda Community Abroad in Australia have standed together to commemorate the Genocide against the Tutsi 1994 at Canberra.

The event took place on April 7th while Rwandans worldwide started commemoration week and 100 days of commemoration activities.

Rwandans living in Australia, diplomats and leaders from different sectors in Australia were among the attendees of the event.

The event started with ‘walk to remember’ heading to Parliament house in Canberra.

Jean Nepo SIBOMANA who is survivor of the Genocide was there to provide the testimony about that time. 

Sibomana said the time was so difficult to the level they had to control their cough just because they needed to live again. 

He said the people denying Genocide against Tutsi 1994 is because hand of justice haven’t reached them.

“Some people say Genocide never happened but we don’t fear them anyone. You can say what you want! But there’s good choice you can make, we have beautiful country, why can’t you just enjoy it? Why do you want to keep just anger in yourself? Do you think I feel the anger I had that time? No…” Sibomana said. 

“I know some people are trying to do so. But still I know why they do it, because the hand of justice haven’t reached them, take them to justice they’ll never do it again.”

He concluded his testimony saying Rwandans should work together to make their country better forever.

Chairman of RCA in Queensland, Renatus MURINDANGABO said he is honoured and privileged to be with others to mark the 30th commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

He said they must build the world where such atrocities never occur again. 

“May this gathering serve as a beacon of hope and solidarity, as we remember those we lost and pledge to build a world where such atrocities never occur again,” He said. 

It’s been 30 years since the start of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. 

In only 100 days, more than one million people were killed just because of how they were created.


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