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Rwanda’s Tourism Sector generates $620 million in 2023

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Rwanda’s tourism sector generated revenue of $620 million in 2023, representing a 36% increase from the $500 million generated in 2022, as stated in the 2023 Rwanda Development Board (RDB) annual report.

The RDB annual report indicates that this increase in revenue is due to an increase in tourist visitors. In 2023, Rwanda hosted 1.4 million tourists.

The report shows that in 2023, the country hosted 160 conferences and other related activities that were attended by 65 thousand people, earning $95 million compared to $62 million in 2022.

Visitors to Volcanoes National Park account for 2% of the total number of visitors, and almost 30% of the income generated from tourism comes from national parks.

The increase in tourism in Rwanda has other benefits for the private sector across the country as it allows their businesses to expand and develop.

“In 2023, Rwanda demonstrated remarkable resilience and dedication amidst global challenges,” RDB Chief Executive Officer Francis Gatare said in a statement. “Throughout the year, we prioritized investment in key sectors like the green economy, infrastructure, ICT (information and communications technology), health, and conservation to foster inclusive growth and resilience.”

Rwanda’s economy grew by 8.2% in 2023, higher than the initially predicted rate of 6.2%, according to National Bank of Rwanda figures released in March.

Rwanda’s tourism sector generated revenue of $620 million in 2023 ( photo by internet)


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