Monday, May 27, 2024

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Spanish star wins F1 Australian Grand Prix

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Spanish star Carlos Sainz of team Ferrari has won 2024 F1 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne followed by his teammate Charles Leclerc of Monaco.

Two wakes ago, Carlos Sainz missed previous race in Saudi Arabia due to emergency appendectomy.

He started on the front row with Verstappen and kept his place into turn one, but passed the Dutchman on lap two at turn nine for the lead.

Sainz, 29, wins his first F1 in Australia but was his third in general.

“Maybe they can go faster as well….very happy, very proud of the team, it shows that the hard work pays off and life sometimes is crazy, you know,” Sainz said.

“What happened at the beginning of the year and then Bahrain and then the appendix, the comeback, the win, it’s a rollercoaster but I loved it and I’m extremely happy.”

Lewis Hamilton and George Russel has failed to finish on a dramatic afternoon of Formula 1, also world champion Max Verstappen failed to end the race after forced out early with mechanical failure.


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