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The referee stabbed a player in the lungs on the pitch.

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The Argentinian referee, Remigio Armoa, stabbed a player named Kevin A. He was taken to the doctor and diagnosed with lung problems and was arrested.

This event took place this week in Scholler, Misiones Province, Argentina, in the Youth Games.

As can be seen in the video taken by one of the fans who went to watch the game where this tragedy occurred, there was a disagreement between the players of the teams that were playing and they approached the referee and surrounded him to save them.

Instead of saving them without delay, Remigio Armoa, 62 years old, decided to stab one of the players named Kevin A., 21 years old, in the chest.

After doing this, the referee tried to escape, but the police ended up arresting him and now the investigation is still ongoing to see what made him do this, according to The Sun newspaper.

One of the family members of this player said that they are very saddened by the incident because they are treating him like Lionel Messi because of his extraordinary talent for playing football.

Kevin A is in the hospital where he is being treated


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