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Top 5 biggest stadiums in Australia

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Australia is home to some of the world’s biggest, incredible, amazing stadiums. From Australian football to cricket and rugby, a huge variety of sports are played and attended by millions of people every week.

Here are top 5 biggest stadiums in Australia.

    5. Docklands Stadium

Docklands Stadium is located in Docklands area of Melbourne and mostly used for Australian football. It’s the second-biggest stadium in the city after Melbourne Cricket Ground. 

Docklands Stadium was completed between 1997 – 2000 and has the capacity to host 53,343 spectators. 

    4. Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval is the fourth biggest stadium in Australia with capacity of 55,317. The stadium is located in the heart of Adelaide and is primarily used for cricket and Australian Football. However, it can also be used for several other sports, such as rugby union, soccer, and tennis. 

It was opened in 1871 and undergone multiple expansions in its history with the last known in 2014 which introduced it in the list. 

    3. Perth Stadium

Perth Stadium is referred to as the Optus Stadium for sponsorship reasons and is a fairly recent stadium completed in 2017 and officially opened in January 2018. It’s located in Burswood, a suburb in the southeastern part of Perth.

The stadium has a capacity of 61,266 seats, making it the third-largest stadium in Australia. It is one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in Australia and is commonly used for the local teams’ Australian Football and Cricket games. 

2. Stadium Australia

Stadium Australia is the main sports venue in the most popular city in Australia, Sydney. It’s sometimes referred to as the Sydney Olympic Stadium or Olympic Stadium, a reference to why it was built which was the 2000 Summer Olympics which was the first held in Australia. 

The Stadium has a capacity of 83,500 people. It is used for various sporting events and concerts . The Stadium cost $690 million to build and took under four years to construct.

    1. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is the first biggest stadium in Australia with capacity of 100,024. It was completed in 1853. From the completion, it hosted cricket matches and other major sporting events such as Australian Rules Football, rugby, and soccer.


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