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Top 5 holiday destinations in Australia

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You are in Australia and searching for places to visit in holiday. Australia is the perfect place to visit as it offers breathtaking scenery, unique biodiversity, and a perfect combination of natural wonders and modernity.

Australia is able to cover you whether you like beautiful landscapes or modern city life.

Here are 5 best places to visit in Australia for vacations:

1. Cairns, Queensland

Queensland is one of the best destinations in Australia. Cairns has Great Barrier Reef which is one of the most incredible underwater locations, and in the middle of a breathtaking natural setting. What if you dive into Cairns and observe vibrant fish and coral diversity. 

    2. Barossa Valley, Adelaide

In Barossa Valley landscape you will find limitless variety of Australian vineyards. Five-stars hotels are found, best wine and food pairings on the planet. 

You may take bike, hot air balloon, or even a helicopter ride over the charming collection of towns, rolling hills, stone churches, and vineyards.

Adelaide and the Barossa Valley are a fantastic combination for those who appreciate both visiting cities and indulging in delectable pleasures in the countryside.

    3. Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

This is the perfect place for anyone looking to take advantage of Australian sunlight. 74 islands with beautiful, perfect white sand beaches and magically pure water are found. 

At the place you may take a wonderful sailing tour around all these islands, relax on the famous Whitehaven Beach, and even spend time swimming in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

    4. Melbourne

Melbourne is best known for amazing culinary experience; greatest restaurants are renowned for their creative and original flare. This is a cool city, full of art and interesting districts to discover. 

Many people like the city as it radiates energy and excitement. Its streets are full of street art and you may catch a lively performance at the Arts Centre Melbourne.

For tourists, Melbourne is like a huge, vibrant playground with many exciting things to do.

    5. Margaret River, Western Australia

This region in Western Australia is famous for its mouthwatering delicious foods and breathtaking scenery. The outdoor adventure has secret tunnels to explore and breathtaking woodlands to behold. This is another good place to experience while in vacations.

There are other holiday destinations in Australia other than the listed above like; Gold Coast in Queensland, Kangaroo Island, Cradle Mountain in TAS, Uluru in Northern Territory and Blue Mountains in NSW.


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