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What are the largest islands in Australia

Australia is the sixth-largest state on the planet and the biggest in Oceania. The biggest city of the state is Sydney while Canberra is the capital city. Australia has about 8,222 islands within its maritime boundaries, only nine islands are larger than 390 sq miles.

Here are the 3 largest islands in Australia;


Tasmania is the largest island in Australia with 65,022 sq km, and the 26th largest on the planet. The population of Tasmania is approximately 533,308 people. This is the only island in Australia which is not in Mainland Australia.

Melville Island

Melville Island also known as Yermainer is the second largest island in Australia with 5,765 sq km. It is located in the Timor Sea, off Northern Territory’s coast. Abel Tasman was the first European to see the island in 1644. 

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is the third biggest island in Australia which covers 4,374 sq km. Kangaroo is located in the South Australia, southwest of Adelaide. The last Census in 2021 shows that Kangaroo Island has the population of 4,894 people.

The other largest islands in Australia other than the first three (3) above are Groote Eylandt which is the fourth with 2,285 sq km, Fraser Island with 1,840 sq km, Bathurst Island with 1,692, Flinders Island with 1,330 sq km, King Island with 1,121 sq km and Mornington Island with 1,002.


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