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Working hours in Sydney have been extended for FIFA Women’s World Cup

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Working hours in Sydney, located in the State of New South Wales, have been extended due to the FIFA Women’s World Cup matches to be held in Australia and New Zealand.

 From July 20, 2023, the Women’s World Cup will be played in Australia and New Zealand. 32 teams will participate and 64 games will be played.

Cities including Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are among the cities that will host the games in Australia until August 20 when the final game is played at the Sydney Olympic Stadium.

The first match in Australia will be between Australia and Ireland. Due to this Women World Cup in Football , New South Wales state government decide to increase the working hours when the games will be played. The Authorities announced that the working hours will be until midnight instead of 10:00 pm as usual, and will be implemented from July 23 to August 20. 


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