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Rwandan Patrick Mazimpaka the famous body builder is in Rwanda

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Patrick Mazimpaka, a famous Rwandan bodybuilder, is on vacation in Rwanda and he want to promote this profession to Rwandans.

Patrick Mazimpaka currently lives in Australia, and was born to Rwandan parents.

This young man has become known to everyone for building his body with the help of different exercises and body building.

Mazimpaka Patrick already participates in competitions and competes in various body building awards organized by the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building and Fitness).

In this year’s IFBB pro league competition, Mazimpaka Patrick came in fourth place, and he says he wants to come first in the next competition.

Mazimpaka Patrick said that he would like to promote this profession in Rwanda, and help them get the opportunity to participate in bodybuilding competitions at the international level.

Not only that, Mazimpaka Patrick is already a great movie actor. He even appeared in the hit movie ‘young rock’ by the famous The Rock.


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