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Spaceship appeared in the sky of Australia and disturbed public has been revealed

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It has been revealed that the spaceship seen in the Australian airspace in Queensland and Melbourne, was the Indian Spacecraft sent to the Moon instead of comets from the universe as it was suspected.

Yesterday, in the skies of Queensland and Melbourne in Australia, mysterious object was seen and disturbing the people who began to write on social media that the country was hit by comets from the universe or other undifined creatures.

Australia’s various air traffic control agencies responded to the public that what they saw in the sky was not what they thought, but it was the Indian Spacecraft called ‘Chandrayaan-3’ which was going to the Moon.

 On Friday, Sriharikota, a space launch site in South India, launched the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft, which was on its way to the Moon after four years of unsuccessful attempts.

 It is planned that the spacecraft will reach the Moon in the month of August, and will conduct various research related to the shape of the moon.

It has been revealed that it was Indian spacecraft.


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