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The origin of beer shortage in Australia

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Nowdays in many parts of Australia there is still a problem of lack of beer especially beer brewed by with Carlton and United Breweries.

 9 news reported that the leaders of the Carlton and United Breweries announced that the reason for the shortage of beer at their factory was due to the breakdown of vehicles known as ‘forklifts’ used to pack beer to be sent to different locations.

 In a statement released by the Carlton and United company, it says that the work of repairing forklifts is what caused the delivery of alcohol to the market to be delayed, but that in the near future the problem will be resolved, and the people will be able to get beer again.

Carlton and United Breweries is a major Japanese brewery located in Melbourne.

 They brew some of Australia’s most popular beers including Victoria Bitter, Carlton, Cascade, Foster’s and Pure Blonde. 


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