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Wetter conditions are expected to continue – Meteo Rwanda

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During the first dekad of May 2024, wetter conditions are expected to continue. The Rwanda Meteorology Agency has stated that rainfall ranging between 40 and 200 mm is expected across the country.

In the statement released by Meteo Rwanda, the Meteorology Agency stated that rainfall ranging between 40 and 200 mm is expected across the country. The expected rainfall amount is above the Long-Term Mean (LTM) range of 30 to 100 mm across the country.

Rainy days are expected to vary between three and seven days, unevenly distributed across the dekad, with critical dates for enhanced rainfall from the 1st to the 4th of May 2024.

Meteo Rwanda emphasized that the main factors influencing rainfall in this dekad are the overhead Inter-tropical Convergence Zone and local factors.

Rainfall ranging between 160 and 200 mm is the highest expected over many parts of Burera, Musanze, Nyabihu, Ngororero, Rutsiro, and small areas of Gakenke, Rubavu, Rusizi, Nyamasheke, Nyamagabe, and Nyaruguru Districts.

“Rainfall ranging between 140 and 160 mm is expected in remaining parts of the Western Province, Burera and Musanze Districts, central parts towards the western parts of Gakenke, Nyamagabe, and Nyaruguru Districts, and the Northern parts of Muhanga District,” Meteo Rwanda reported in a weather forecast statement.

Meteorology predicts that during the first dekad of May 2024, the average maximum temperature is expected to range between 18°C and 28°C, which is within the range of LTM maximum temperature for the first dekad of May.

Rwanda Meteorology urges relevant authorities and the public to put in place preparedness and mitigation measures to minimize impacts that may be caused by the expected rains. Likely impacts include flooding, poor visibility during rainstorms, soil erosion, and landslides in areas of high slopes without erosion control measures.

The weather fore cast during the first dekad of May 2024


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