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WOW!! Rick Ross has told Romantic words to Ayr Starr !!

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well known super star in the genre of hip hop music in United States of America and worldwide Rick Ross has shown that he fell for Nigeria’s best singer Ayr Starr.

As the music of Nigeria goes viral on international level many of the artists from this country keep impressing the listeners and the people around the world in the different ways.
For this time the trending news around social media is about this incredible superstar Rick Ross and this beautiful young lady Ayr Starr! Through the video that he posted on his instagram,
Rick Ross said that he is attracted by the beauty of this Ayr Starr! He announced that he admires the beauty and talent of this lady.

Many followers of him started commenting about this post while asking themselves about the romance of the two and wondering what might happen if they start dating.

They are so many differences between them including the gap of ages Rick Ross is 27 older than Ayr Starr But that’s not an issue many comments are about the sizes of them!!  Early before Ayr become a Star , Rick Ross did Music with famous artists in Nigeria P-square


In 2011, he also used to visit Nigeria and do Some concerts in 2012 shot video of his song ‘Hold me back’ in Nigeria.
Rick Ross competed and won many best wards, so to Ayr Starr is a best opportunity and beautiful thing for being praised by this Famous and Wealth Man in world.
We are looking forward to see what will come after this impression.


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